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Multi-Purpose Skin Spray Multi-Purpose Skin Spray
Multi-Purpose Skin Spray $59.99
BUY 2 & SAVE $10(Discount applied at checkout) Healthier-looking, refreshed skin is only a spray away. The secret to beautiful-looking skin has made its way to the United States. Developed and sold exclusively in Europe for over 20 years, Multi-Purpose Skin Spray by NeoSino Premium is the instant, effortless moisture boost your skin has been craving. Multi-Purpose Skin Spray is the bioactive cosmeceutical that helps you hit refresh wherever you are–whenever you need it the most. Spritz it anywhere on your body that dry skin ails you. Crafted from an exclusive blend of naturally available ingredients (i.e, silica, glycerin, and hydroacetic acid), Multi-Purpose Skin Spray is more than just a moisturizer: it’s a soothing solution for all skin types.What sets us apart? Nanotechnology enables the natural ingredients of the Multi-Purpose Skin Spray to better penetrate the skin;  it mists on lightly but dives deeply to nourish your skin at a cellular level. Use it alone or to complement your skincare routine. Our all-natural spray can replace or do the job of other skincare products that you will no longer need, hence saving you money. Such products are Botox, charcoal masks, serums, chemical peels, eye cream, exfoliating toners, cleansers, and moisturizers. Revitalize your look with our Premium Multi-Purpose Skin Spray. Size: 100ml   Not sure? Try our sample size!
Multi-Purpose Skin Spray Sample Multi-Purpose Skin Spray Sample
Multi-Purpose Skin Spray Sample $9.99
Try our sample size! Size: 10ml
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